I cannot be sure that this has anything to do with Advanced Forum.

However, after updating to Advanced Forum 7.x-2.2, I've noticed all of my other pages which involve the Views module are showing lists of content as they should. However, instead of showing the content in teaser form, they're showing the full content. I will continue to sort this out at my end and will report back if I discover the issue is not related to advance forum.

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I've just disabled the Advanced Forum module and my other pages which display content in teaser form with Views are now working properly again.

After confirming that, I re-enabled Advanced Forum and the problem returns. (The pages which are supposed to display content in teaser form with Views actually show the content in Full Content form.)

Under admin/config/content/advanced-forum I noticed the menu which allows you to select which Node types to style. I wondered if somehow these other affected node types had been selected for styling. However, "forum topic" is the only node type selected for styling. Therefore, I have no idea why these other content types are being affected.

I have disabled Advanced Forum once again. Fortunately, my forum still functions without the Advanced Forum module. However, I would love to find a fix for this as I appreciate the improved styling that this module provides.

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What do you mean by "other pages"?

Under admin/config/content/advanced-forum try to uncheck Style nodes when being displayed as teasers and check Style nodes only if they have a forum term attached

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I've attached some screen captures. By other pages, I'm talking about several pages I have which display groups of content in teaser form using the views module. These pages have nothing to do with the forum. In one of my attached images, you can see how these pages are supposed to look. When I enable the Advanced Forum (7.x-2.2), content that should be displayed in teaser form is now showing as full content. I've also attached an example of this.

As you can see, I've already configured the forum as you suggest. At no point had I ever selected any other options.

After further examining the Drupal forums, I see that this issue had already been mentioned regarding a dev version of Advanced Forum: https://drupal.org/node/2021023

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I downloaded the 4 files listed in that commit. I uploaded them to the appropriate directories on my site. I re-enabled the Advanced Forum module, ran cron and cleared all caches. Unfortunately, while my forum was once again styled as I like it thanks to the Advanced Forum module, the same issue returned with my other non-forum pages.

I have once again disabled the Advanced forum. Thanks for your assistance on this.

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You shouldn't copy those files as they are already altered in that commit. You should edit them manually and revert changes (remove all green lines starting with '+' and add all red lines starting with '-' and remove '-' sign).

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Thanks for the clarification. I've now done as you suggested, but unfortunately, doing so didn't resolve the issue.

Once again, I've disabled the module but look forward to hearing if anyone else has had similar troubles. I really like the module otherwise.

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I think commit 5047fcb caused it:

function advanced_forum_node_view_alter(&$bundle) {

  $bundle['#view_mode'] = "full";

When I comment this out, it solves my issue

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Priority: Normal » Major

I have no idea where from that code came from. It must be some testing leftover.

@bcurry: can you confirm fix from #8?

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Yes, removing those lines resolved the issue for me as well!


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.