I'm on a fresh drupal 7.22 installation, and I'm using an Adaptive Theme Subtheme.

When my subtheme is activated I loose control over several key drupal functions;

  • I can no longer set display order of blocks - they are always presented in order of when they were created.
  • View pages created when subtheme is active and set to standard aren't found
  • Modules installed when subtheme is set as standard are installed, but congfiguration pages etc aren't updated with links to the new modules

When I deactivate and delete the subtheme everything works as it should...

I've tried re-creating subtheme from scratch, but the same issues continue no matter what.
I've followed the instructions for creating subtheme as it is stated in the readme file


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Category: bug » support

Hard to say really, certainly if these were common issues we would notice since we use this theme everyday for client sites, public demos etc etc, many many users would report if blocks could not be set in order!

Did you try the included sub theme?

Are you trying to use your sub theme for the Admin theme (do not do this, use Seven or another dedicated Admin theme).

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