From panels_edit_style_settings_form_validate in panels_renderer_editor class

My guess is that the display render is cached as init isn't being called for it either, so validation is being called but plugins file wasn't added, and bam fatal.

(very likely could be caused by something hackish I'm doing, but don't have the headspace to spend any more time on this atm.)

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I suspect what is really needed here is to ensure that the plugin is part of the form_state['build_info'] which is handled by form_load_include() or the CTools analogue (which can be slightly easier to use sometimes). This would be done in the form itself, or potentially when the file was initially included if that happens after $form_state is instantiated. That would ensure that the cached form loads the file.

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That sounds more reasonable than randomly including it there.

Just to clarify in case wasn't clear, the inclusion of class definition is fine, it's the file that is missing.

My brain is quite dead atm though

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Yeah, I believe you just need to find the right spot to put this:

ctools_form_include($form_state, 'plugins', 'panels');
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Adding include of plugins (via ctools_form_include) and that class file (via form_load_include) to all form definitions defined in there. It's a place that works, but not sure if it's the best place to add them though

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why in the world was my local copy of panels on branch 6.x-3.x... (I keep a lot of checked out repos to just roll patches against, not connected to any site)...

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Yeah, this seems to work for me in OA2.

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the patch in the original post and in #5 are different. Are they additive or does #5 replace the original?

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5 replaces original

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This patch also seems to resolve some intermittent issues in Kalatheme as well
#2173383: Kalacustomize for panes not working

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I was having this issue as well periodically in commons, usually when on a new install. After using this patch I haven't been able to replicate the issue.

Marking fixed and committed!

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

  • Commit 856ba03 on 7.x-3.x, 8.x-3.x authored by hefox, committed by japerry:
    Issue #2024441 by hefox: Fix fatal error on panels_plugin_get_function...