Currently there is no way for content editors to place blocks on their pages that are targeted for specific audiences through the IPE.

eg, you have a members only block that you only want members of your site to be able to view. The only way to do this currently is to edit the panel through the full featured panels interface and create visibility rules to limit by role (or other criteria). Great for site builders, but impossible for content editors that only have access to the IPE.

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Component: Code » In-Place Editor (IPE)
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Yeah, when the IPE was envisioned, it was stripped down to what was considered necessary functionality to avoid being too complex for users. However, as a result, there are 2 or 3 big features that aren't yet available.

The intent was always to add them over time, but we have not had the developer time to really sit down and finish the framework necessary to make it possible to add these without overwhelming the initial experience.

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Created an module with a reference from Breakpoint Panels module, to expose role visibility rule through PIE. Here is the sandbox module.

This module exposes a button in Panel IPE links area names 'VIS' and allow end user to Add/update the existing/new visibility rule for Role plugin. Currently it will try to update any existing first access plugin of type Role or if does not exists, creates and add to the Pane access. Also currently supports with panes that are in the DB as opposed to in code.