I have a cyclists site in French.
Content is language neutral: the name, figures and stats of riders don't change if you change language.
These nodes are created automatically through a feed importer, and are then set by default as being language neutral.
To achieve multilingualism, i've used i18n, and i can translate all field labels and menu items.

But url aliases are the problem.
They are build like this in default langauge (FR): mysite.com/tour-de-france/2013/COUREURS/alberto-contador
For the English version, I wish to have: mysite.com/tour-de-france/2013/RIDERS/alberto-contador

I cannot translate all nodes, because I would have to manually create translations of each of 1000 riders in 5 languages.

1/ I need the url to change based on the interface lg variable, not the node language variable.
2/ And to automatically generate several language specific aliases (1 in FR, 1 in EN, etc) without creating a translation for each rider, which are language neutral nodes.


PS: I thought also that maybe I could use rules to automatically generate translations for riders.This scenario would work only with Entity translation, as i need to keep stats of cyclists synchronised among translations. This scenario looks doable, taking into account that ET works with at least one translatable filed, which is not the case now for my Rider Content Type.
It would require that i use a dumb additional field to allow ET with the Rider content type.

This ET scenario is more complicated as it creates artificial translations for the sake of creating localised aliases.

Anyway, thanks if you can help...


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Technical Precision about the language of imported nodes

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This feature is available in #290421: pathauto patch to provide localized and entity translated taxonomy through i18n. If you'd like to move it forward, please take the time to review that patch.