Whenever you create a new component, you get this error:

Notice: Undefined index: name in webform_component_defaults() (line 1080 of sites/all/modules/webform/includes/webform.components.inc).

This seems to have been introduced in #1287382: Use invisible instead of non-existent field labels for accessibility.

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It looks like this was added in an attempt to meet this requirement:

The WCAG 2.0 guidelines at http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/NOTE-WCAG20-TECHS-20101014/H65.html recommends the use of the "title" attribute to label form controls when the visual design cannot accommodate the label.

But what ended up happening in that issue is that the title attribute ended up getting set on ALL components all the time. That was unneccessary, since only the fields that didn't have labels displayed where the ones intended to get title attributes. This patch moves the logic to theme_webform_element() and makes it have the correct behavior.

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