I'm working on a Drupal 7.22 website with an own AT-subtheme, you can temporarily find it here: https://interm.gtk.gau.hu/konyvtar/. I have been unable to make it work with InternetExplorer 8 form the beginning. Checking it with the web developer tool of IE all of the css-files and declarations seem available but none of them were applied. As far as I see there's no serious syntax error (missing semicolons etc.) in the css-files. And with IE10 (and Firefox and Chrome) it looks OK, just IE8 makes me puzzled...
Any advice would be appreciated.


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If I copy all css-settings from responsive.desktop.css to lt-ie9.css and include this IE-specific stylesheet, I can finally make IE8 display all these settings! However, it's definitely not the best solution because of the duplicated css-declarations.

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I think I find a solution: After enabling Media query support for IE6-8 (theme settings of AT> Polyfills) responsive.desktop.css is loaded and its declarations are applied.

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All responsive stylesheets load in media queries which IE8 is clueless about, when you enabled Media query support for IE then yes it will work, but please understand that making old IE's responsive comes with downsides as well, which is why typically we just don't do it anymore, the option is there, but its not the preferred approach.

As for duplication, yeah its a PITA sometimes but its just the deal with mobile first approaches like you are doing - another way around it is to load the responsive.desktop.css for IE8, aka set the generated CSS files to save in the theme (in theme settings you can do this), and then in the info file do this:

ie_stylesheets[screen][(lt IE 9)&(!IEMobile 7)][] = generated_files/responsive.desktop.css

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Thanks for the explanation, Jeff.

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No problem :)

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I thought I'd leave a note for future reference. If for any reason you thought testing if your website works in IE8 via the IE emulator in Internet Explorer (F12) was a good idea: stop now. Save yourself an ulcer or two.

I had the exact same problem as OP. All of the styles including the IE8 stuff was loaded but nothing got applied. Also fiddling with settings like responsive for IE6-8 had no effect. Also the suggested solutions in this thread did nothing. UNTIL I found out that the problem is the IE emulator.

If you use Microgofuckyouselfsoft's virtual machine to test IE8, all the styles ARE loaded and the responsive stuff DOES work. The emulator does not even remotely come close.

Btw, Jeff you are a hero. Your work on Adaptive Themes is awesome!