drupal_container() is deprecated, and all calls in the update module need to be replaced with Drupal::service(), except for where the module_handler service is requested, which needs to be replaced with Drupal::moduleHandler() (see #1957154: Replace calls to drupal_container()->get('module_handler') service with Drupal::moduleHandler())

This task a part of #2001206: Replace drupal_container() with Drupal::service()

#6 drupal-remove-drupal-container-2014037-5.patch1.28 KBhussainweb
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#2 update-2014037-2.patch1.33 KBkgoel
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#2 looks good. I didn't find any more uses of drupal_container() in the update module.

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I think those should be Drupal::keyValue() instead.

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I am attaching a patch altered as per @webchick's recommendations.

I am a little confused about this, though. I read here that it it is preferred to use the service container to instantiate objects. As per the following block:

  // The preferred way: dependency injected code.
  function hook_do_stuff() {
    // Move the actual implementation to a class and instantiate it.
    $instance = new StuffDoingClass(Drupal::lock());

    // Or, even better, rely on the service container to avoid hard coding a
    // specific interface implementation, so that the actual logic can be
    // swapped. This might not always make sense, but in general it is a good
    // practice.

Calling Drupal::keyValue() seems to me to be a direct implementation detail. Of course, I checked the implementation and see that it just calls the container. I am not sure which is the better method. However, like I said, I am using Drupal::keyValue() as per @webchick's recommendation, but I would like someone to throw some light on this.

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Sorry about the empty patch. Here is the correct one.

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Seems good for me.

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Title: Replace drupal_container() with Drupal::service() in the update module » Replace drupal_container() with Drupal::keyValue() in the update module
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed fc35679 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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@kgoel the move to closed(fixed) will happen automatically after 2 weeks without further comments.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.