This is a fairly simple and fun task.

The idea is to redo the "Default front page" setting found on the "Administration > site configuration" page.

One should be able to specify a relative URL (that is, a $q) which we can then use to set $_POST["$q"] in index.php.

1. This is much easier to understand; the values in the current drop-down menu are not exactly self-explanatory.

2. This fixes some problems as you can no longer select an invalid front page (search some of the older bug reports).

3. This is much more flexible and allows you to create an "under construction" page, a "down for maintanaince" page, or any other special front-page without having to create a new module.

4. This is less code.



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I've sent patches to Dries that implement this feature, and he's committed (at least one) of them. If the community is satisfied with the results, this can be CLOSED.

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Tested, works, CLOSED.
+1 nice feature, btw. Only local images are allowed. ing" alt="Smil
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