first of all, thank you very much for adaptivetheme. i use nothing else for private and professional websites since i discovered it ^^

currently i play around with (twitter)bootstrap framework and think it offers a lot that could make developing a website even faster. for example, a styled and functional menu solution, button-sets and so on that could easily reused and modified to your customer's needs.

this is my very first touch with bootstrap and to make it work in an adaptivetheme subtheme, i cut out the css-sets for one logical thing, for example "navbar", put it in a css-file and make adaptivetheme load it through an entry in .info file. then i "translate" the bootstrap css to the provided adaptivetheme/drupal-html structure and given classes. some of the bootstrap things work out of the box, once "translated".

i'd really like to use bootstrap predifinitions for menu(s), tabs and so on.

compiling the bootstrap-navbar in adaptivetheme pops out one problem:
- you hide "block-inner" and "block-title" by default. this is done @file:, line 163ff and @file:, line 406ff.

these things (block-inner div and block-title visible/invisible per normal setting in blocks) is needed to make the block-menu work as by bootstrap-navbar suggested.

i don't like to patch the at_core. could you please don't treat div#menu-bar special? ^^ putting menu-blocks in other regions than #menu-bar works as expected (because block-inner and block-title are available).

i'm currently developing customer themes with this technique (well, it's a try...) under these urls: and

both urls are temporary domains for developing and will only be visible until themes are ready. (readers: please don't mail me that these urls are gone if you read this later).

btw. did you think of integrating bootstrap into adaptivetheme, for example as an optional css-fileset that you can switch on/off in at-settings? - if you'd this integration, i don't have to ^^ and you're a much more experienced ux programmer than me, especially in drupal things.

greetings from northern germany ;-)


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i think i do it the wrong way... wouldn't it be much better to add bootstrap-classes via preprocess-hooks to at-/drupal-classes?
can't make the dropdown-menus work. this makes me rethink my strategy...
if adding bootstrap classes via preprocess to things like "" or ".block-menu", how to do this? i don't know where to start.

- has anyone else added bootstrap to adaptivetheme successfully? - how?