I am using email (email modules) field in my content type which contains email address for a business. In manage display section of the field I have chosen the formatter "Email Contact Form" which provides a link to open a contact form to send email to the address stated in the email field. I need to open this link in popup. This field has a dynamic path as email/node/$nid/field_email_address where nid changes according to node the link appears on. How to convert this link so that it opens in a modal popup.

I have searched all over but was unable to find anything. The above may also help in converting any existing dynamic link.


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Have you found a solution to this? Have you perhaps tried the popup suite?

Let me know if or how you got this to work

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No solution yet. After doing research I found that ctools modal api is the best way to handle forms in modal (including ajax forms) but they require coding which I am not competent in. Other solutions are not so good and may be prone errors for non-simple forms (like ones with captcha or validation). I tried to look into code of modal_forms to see how other forms are implemented but did not get much clue.

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Thanks. Have you tried using the Lightbox module?

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I believe Lightbox and colorbox (the better one of the two) do not support forms - https://drupal.org/project/colorbox

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