Hey there,

I found a bug using entity translation with Commerce.
With entity translation enabled the following happens, if I place an order the billing info (and shipping info when enabled) is deleted. see these screenshots:

The entered data:
entered data

The result:
no data

The expected result (entity translation disabled)
Good data

The data also doesn't get linked with the order, which is kinda what you want when you have a webshop, so you can actually bill your customers and send them their orders.

I tried updating to the dev version but that didn't change anything, I also tried different settings, but even when I turn all the options off, it's still broken.
I also enabled all permissions but that didn't help either..

Any thoughts on this?

See also this.

good_result.PNG30.12 KBimmoreel
bad_result.PNG24.42 KBimmoreel
entered_data.PNG34.82 KBimmoreel


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I've been having this very same problem for a long time. Yet I haven't found a solution. Any idea on what is causing this?