Each region has a weight set, footer being #2, but since the rendering is done through drupal_render_children it's not going to honor those weights.

It seems like there are some other coding ideas in the works to improve on the ability to alter, but I think in the meantime we should just make a small change to the preprocess function to add the final regions to the form in the order we get them from nodeformcols_form_regions().

In fact the alter to those regions could probably just be within that function itself.

#1 region-weight-error-1980186-1.patch482 bytesasherry
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Here is the patch, pretty simple coding change actually. I just iterate through the regions, and check the $has_elements variable there.

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  • Commit 36f45f6 on 7.x-1.x by asherry:
    Issue #1980186 by asherry: Regions weight arent being honored.
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