I would like to ask for support for Context module - exactly for setting the navigation path by setting in context. This setting is used by default system breadcrumb and it should not be a problem to implement it in Easy Breadcrumb - but I am poor php / drupal programmer.

For example:
i have 2 pages boo/alice and doo/tom

current url is: http://foo.com/boo/alice
easy breadcrumb: home/boo/alice
system breadcrumb: home/boo/alice

but I have context that is used when current path is http://foo.com/boo/aliece
and i can tell system breadcrumb to change the navigation path to doo/tom so i get

current url is: http://foo.com/boo/alice (CONTEXT ON)
easy breadcrumb: home/boo/alice
system breadcrumb: home/doo/tom

Great module - thx


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If you want breadcrumbs that are different from your paths, then you will want to use a different breadcrumb module, but I'll look into context support.


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