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The Easy Breadcrumb module provides a plug-and-play block to be embedded in your pages, typically at some place near the page's header. Easy Breadcrumb takes advantage of the work you've already done for generating your paths' alias, while it naturally encourages the creation of semantic and consistent paths. This modules is currently available for Drupal 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x.x.

Easy Breadcrumb uses the current URL (path alias) and the current page's title to automatically extract the breadcrumb's segments and its respective links. Easy Breadcrumb is really a plug and play module, it auto-generates the breadcrumb by using the current URL, the user needs to do anything to get it working.

For example, having an URL like gallery/videos/once-a-time-in-cartagena, Easy Breadcrumb will automatically produces the breadcrumb Home >> Gallery >> Videos >> Once a time in Cartagena or Home >> Videos >> Once a Time in Cartagena. Again, the breadcrumb presentation will vary depending on your module's settings.

Drupal 8

Easy Breadcrumb replaces core breadcrumbs with configurable breadcrumbs that follow Breadcrumb best-practices by adding the current page as an unlinked crumb. The module also allows you to edit or hide the home link, exclude pages, display unlinked paths, and more.

Important: There is no extra, duplicate block for breadcrumbs. The system breadcrumb block is simply extended and improved. So, just place the system breadcrumb block in block UI and the breadcrumbs work.


Recommended modules

  • Drupal 7 version: Transliteration is useful if your site is likely contain characters beyond ASCII 128. Like: ñ, ó, among others. Important: after activate it, go to admin/config/search/path/settings and check the option Transliterate prior to creating alias.


To start using it, just go to the admin modules page (URL admin/modules/list), locate and activate it under the category "others", then go to the blocks list page (URL admin/structure/block) and locate the block named "Easy Breadcrumb", and configure it like any other block (region, URLs, etc.).

The configuration page of this module is under Admin > Configuration > User Interface > Easy Breadcrumb (URL admin/config/user-interface/easy-breadcrumb).

Configurable parameters:

  • Disable the default Drupal's breadcrumb.
  • Include / Exclude invalid path alias as plain-text segments.
  • Exclude some paths from the segments to be generated.
  • Include / Exclude the front page as a segment in the breadcrumb.
  • Customize the title of the front page segment in the breadcrumb.
  • Include / Exclude the current page's title as a segment in the breadcrumb.
  • Use the real page's title when it is available instead of always deducing it from the URL.
  • Print the page's title as a link or as plain-text segment.
  • Use a custom separator between the breadcrumb's segments.
  • Choose a transformation mode for the segments' title.
  • Make the 'capitalizator' ignore some words (words not to be capitalized).



  • Roger Padilla Camacho (sonemonu) - Drupal 7
  • Tatar Balazs Janos (tatarbj) - Drupal 7 - active maintenance
  • Greg Boggs - Drupal 8

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