Convert the page callback translation_node_overview() to a new-style Controller, using the instructions on WSCCI Conversion Guide.


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Added tag.

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As this issue hasn`t been fixed yet we are going to work on it today during Code Sprint UA

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Seems that this functionality will be covered with entity_translation module.
So we just need to delete this callback.

Maybe will should create issue to delete this module?

Related issue that added similar functionality: #1987882: Convert content_translation routes to a new style controller

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Thanks for your work on this issue! Please see #1971384-43: [META] Convert page callbacks to controllers for an update on the routing system conversion process.

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IMHO this issue should be ignored in favor of #1952062: Remove legacy translation module in favor of content translation. It sounds like a definite waste of time to do anything to this module since its hidden and is slated for removal very soon.