Not sure if this is a bug but when cdn module is enabled the galleria slideshow created using galleria contrib module fails. To be precise the problem is in galleria library.

Snip from file sites/all/libraries/galleria/themes/classic/galleria.classic.js

(function($) {

    name: 'classic',
    author: 'Galleria',
    css: 'galleria.classic.css',
    defaults: {
        transition: 'slide',
        thumbCrop:  'height',

        // set this to false if you want to show the caption all the time:
        _toggleInfo: true
    init: function(options) {

        // add some elements
            'info' : ['info-link','info-close']

line "css: 'galleria.classic.css'," prompts to load css file. CDN module rewrites the path of this css file to serve through CDN server and as a result throws 404 page not found error which eventually hides the slideshow from screen.

I fixed it by adding,

$blacklist[] = "*galleria/*";

to hook_cdn_blacklist().

I did try the exclude by url and file system path but those tricks didn't work for my case.

Creating this issue as to use as a reference for my own and to assist others. And of course for the module maintainer to consider and to do the needful.


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Title: cdn module breaks galleria slideshow » Galleria incompatible with CDN module
Project: CDN » Galleria
Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: Origin Pull mode — Far Future expiration » Code

Rather than Galleria's CSS/JS not being served from the CDN, it should instead fix it so that it works correctly.The end result will be a faster site! :)