For some reason when i visited my site today, on one of my content types i found several errors.

1. My geolocation map on the node/add page has dissapeared
2. When i click on the Browse button for the media browser it doesnt pop up
3. The admin menu has gone from the top of the page to the bottom of the page
4. My WYSIWYG editor doesnt appear

Using Firebug i can see one error, and it says:

ReferenceError: compare is not defined
return compare(reference, value);

It is refering to the file /sites/all/modules/conditional_fields/js/conditional_fields.js?mlfdsp on line 36 which is:

return compare(reference, value);

Can someone help me? I really appreciate it

note. this only happens on one content type, one the rest of my content types i have WYSIWYG editors, maps and media browsers and all work fine.

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Just to note, switching conditional fields module off fixes my problems, so i know this is causing it

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We had the same problem

Go to "Manage Dependecies"

Change ===== Context Setting -> Effect -> FadeIn / FadeOut to Show/ Hide

When you active FADEIN / FADEOUT :

Jquery Fail error "Compare" line 36

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I have this issue with Conditional field + Geolocation as shown in the picture
I think map need to be refreshed by some way...
please help me to fix this issue.
thanks and regards

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This is still happening when the effect is either slide or fade. It goes away when the conditional fields are using show/hide; so I'm switching mine for now to show/hide.

After inspecting the tag I noticed that some @import are missing when it doesn't work, mainly:


Also, if you have configured more than one conditional field for the same content type the problem will not go away until you reconfigure all the conditionals to use show/hide.

Since I don't understand why this is happening I leave it here in case someone has any ideas.