took me a while, why I would always get the wrong address.

Im using commerce Kickstart

Steps to reproduce:
go to checkout
select pre-existing address for shipping (if default address is set, this is automatically filled)
change address
finish the order.
Now the saved address is the selected pre-existing one, ignoring the changes.
It seems the shipping address is the same as the billing address now, even weirder.

I would assume, it would use the changed address or the fields should be disabled, once an address is selected.


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Seems to be the same, when I just select another address.

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A quick solution that I came up with for this problem is that the module should disable the addressfield until the user explicitly takes an action to "create a new address". This could simply be the name of the top option in the dropdown, which would then enable the addressfield.

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I can also confirm this problem for RC4 (it seems to work well for RC3).

I would say this is a pretty critical issue since the customer will believe they put in a different address for shipping but it doesn't get used. (can we maybe upgrade the priority?)

My settings:
I have addressbook (RC4) activated for both billing and shipping.
Profile copying from billing to shipping enabled by default.
I don't have kickstart installed.

What happens when you get to the checkout page as a returning customer is a number of issues:

  • The profile copying button is missing by default.
    (I think this could be the heart of the problem. The system might believe it is ticked and therefore doesn't use the shipping fields.)
  • The shipping adress is expanded with the default adress even if the profile copying is activated by default.

However, if you click on "-- choose adress --" from the selectlist, the profile copying button is visible again and ticked by default.
If you do this first and untick profile copying everything seem to works fine, otherwise the shipping adress wont get used at all.

Cheers! /Mats

P.S. There is a new setting in RC4:

"Select account's address field"
Select the address field where the information gets cloned from

For me the list is empty and with "--nothing --" to select.

Could any kind soul say whats that is for and if this is correct? :)

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Status: Active » Fixed

It seems that even though the #access was set to FALSE for the profile copy checkbox the default_value was still TRUE making the address to be overwritten...
The linked commit sets the value to FALSE.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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error is a bit different, than I thought