Inserting a youtube video works as it should and the node can be saved.

But afterwards it is no longer possible to edit the node and content is not displayed in edit mode

ckeditor screen is blank and displays no content - toolbar buttons are greyed out and unresponsive.

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Any JS errors in Firebug console?
Are you using the edit module for inline editing or are you simply editing it in the administration area?

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I'm not up to speed on the code stuff, so I have attached a couple of screenshots which seem to indicate a problem.

Please let me know if I can help any further.

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I forgot to mention that I am not using the module for inline editing.

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Hah, got the same error recently: #1971566: Mediaembed throws JS error with ACF enabled, should be fixed in dev.

Download the dev version of CKEditor module and do one of the following things:
disable ACF, or add a couple of tags to the list of extra allowed tags (the description fo ACF options should help you a bit).

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That fixed it, thank you.

The ACF stuff looks interesting and I guess you'll get it all working properly in a future release.


As some additional feedback. After inserting a video the page seems to need a refresh. Is this something which can be ironed out.

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