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These are modules that allow you to manage (multi)media assets. Modules that manage only images are left out because they are already compared in another handbook page.

Name Media Scald Asset
Since (all/7.x) Mar 2005 (Jun 2010) Jul 2008 (May 2012) May 2007 (Jul 2012)
Installs 186K 4.4K 800
Dependency Views, CTools, File Entity (2.x), Image Views, CTools, Image Views, CTools, Entity API, Field UI, Field SQL Storage
D6 no beta no
Tests yes (62 assertions 1.x, 992 assertions 2.x) yes (514 assertions) no
Community active: 14 participants active: 5 participants active: 5 participants
D7 1.x stable, 2.x alpha stable beta
D8 File Entity (1) Media Entity (1) ?
WYSIWYG integration WYSIWYG or CKEditor module any module (CKEditor preferred) CKEditor module
Richtext editors editors supported by WYSIWYG any editor CKEditor
Embedded view modes only images, others with contrib yes yes
Flexible embedded view modes no (patch) yes yes
Override embed no (patch) legend/caption, alignment many fields
Fieldable entities yes yes yes
Media library yes yes yes
Asset editing on content no yes yes
Inline editing in WYSIWYG partial (textfield only) yes partial (textfield only)
Media reusability yes yes yes
Media usage tracking yes (in unstable7) yes, built-in no
Media derivatives no (possible with contrib) yes (built-in) no
Responsive yes (Picture integration) yes (Picture integration) no
Access control/License management no (possible with contrib) yes (built-in) no
Exportable config partial yes yes (through field/entity API)
Distribution Media Dev Scald Galaxy no

(1) In Drupal 8 there will be some generic modules like Entity Browser, Entity Embed etc. that work independently on the entity type (File entity, Scald atom etc.)

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Modules that manage only images? Which page?

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Just found this from "GT Drupal Users Group (GTDUG) - 2013 - Eric Sembrat"