The last time the dev version was updated is almost a year ago. Would appreciate it if you could make some kind of release, maybe just a beta release containing exactly what is in the dev version right now.

I think many of the users of the module would appreciate this!



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I'm not really sure how works (and haven't taken the time to do the reading and find out), but it seems to only include full releases:

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No. -dev are excluded. But beta releases are also there... even alphas.

As an example:

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If maintainers are not active we can take over the project... also like to see a final.

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hass, the maintainers are active.

There are blockers that need fixing. i18n was a long moving target that prevented us from releasing.
The current issues have patches submitted that all only focus on a specific case. So by solving their specific task that previously didn't work, they break the tasks that previously worked.

I'm happy to consider your contributions. As with all modules, contribution can start by reviewing patches, working through the issues or even write your own patches. I'm happy to consider your inputs.

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Ok... Can you write down a case that describe what's broken or missing, please? For me the module is new and if there are some tricky details I may not find them. There are also a lot of RTBC patches in the queue. Why are you not committing them?

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Any progress on making a release?

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17,276 sites using the -dev version (as of April 2014) is not a good thing :)

Maybe a meta issue summarizing all blocking issues to a stable release would help other people contributing to this goal?

We can see this is a request that exists since 2012... :)
#1414040: What are Drupal 7 release blocker issues?

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Issue tags: +maintain

Just tagging this with maintain. This isn't the only module which is struggling to put out regular, reliable releases in D7 unfortunately.

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have you planified a stable version of this useful module ?
(On september 14, 2014, 24124 sites use the D7 version)


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Is there a reason the -dev version hasn't been updated in a year? Have there really been NO fixes available since then?

Alternatively, what other modules apply to translation/internationalization of elements in Views?

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Sadly i18nviews in not feature complete yet. There are a few missing handlers and especially the missing support for entity translation bugs me. I am fine with tagging a beta release but i dont want to raise false hopes and mark it as stable.

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I too would like to see some sort of release. I has been 4 months since it was declared good to go for a beta but I still don't see a beta.


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Can we not just add an alpha release for this module? It does improve translations with views even with there being some edge cases missing.

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+1 for rolling at least an alpha release - D8 is already out.

It might also be worthwhile seeing if someone else could join as a comaintainer?

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Status: Active » Fixed

Tagged 7.x-3.0-alpha1 a few minutes ago, still looking for co-maintainers.


Edit: I shouldn't work so late ...

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.