Dear Module creator,
First of all, perfect module for backend managment.

I have noticed that the module OR|XOR statements are breaking if you use jquery 1.7 (with the jquery update module).

I have a field which i would like to show depending of a radio button choice.
The people have 6 choices and the dependent should be visible with 2 choices.

If you add this rule, the jquery combination will break the or statement for the value.
I've tried it in multiple ways and every place where you can use or/xor will break this code.

Some examples:
Dependent: Tekst Banner (field_tekst_banner)
Dependees: Framework (field_framework)
Tekst Banner is visible when Framework has at least one of the values: tekst_banner_drie_kolommen, tekst_banner_met_inhoud.

This expression is using an or statement and breaks.

If you have multiple expressions which are all based to be OR/XOR in combination with other expression it's breaking also.

I hope the bug is clear for you.

I solved my problem by adjusting the module which whas dependent on jquery 1.7, it's 1.5 compatible now.


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A notice in the readme and in the module description, with which Jquery version Conditional Fields is working, would be much appreciated.
This had me quite desperate (well luckily only for an hour or so) today, until I thought about Jquery Update might be the culprit. Other people may not be so lucky and bang their head against the wall for a longer time.

So for the record: As of April 30th 2013 the 7.x version of the module works with Jquery 1.5, but not with 1.7+

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Title: Jquery 1.7 » Jquery version 1.7 and beyond stops module from working
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same problem

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

It's a bug in jquery update, there's about 3 issues open about it there

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This jquery_update-patch makes conditional_fields.module working again with jQuery 1.7:

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We have the same issue, usingconditional fields to fade other fields in/out based on selection but this breaks as soon as you switch the jQuery version in jquery_update to anything other than 1.5.

I tried running the latest --dev version of jquery_update but does not work, is the only solution at this state to apply the jquery patch above?