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We also need to keep an eye on the outcome of #2057401: Make the node entity database schema sensible :)

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Issue tags: +beta blocker
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Priority: Normal » Major

Also heightening to major.

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Title: Refactor menu link properties to multilingual » [PP-1] Refactor menu link properties to multilingual
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Priority: Critical » Major
Issue tags: -beta blocker +beta target

From #2256497-28: [meta] Menu Links - New Plan for the Homestretch by Dries:

While the current menu link system implementation (neither a ConfigEntity nor a ContentEntity) isn’t pretty, and would require a contrib module to support translating custom link titles and integrating with REST, that is not a regression compared to Drupal 7... We can live with those limitations for one release.

Therefore, downgrading this to Major. It would still be great for it to happen; just not a release blocker.

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Works for me :)

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Status: Postponed » Closed (duplicate)