With BOA-2.0.6 onwards I am getting following warnings on every site verify (with aegir UI)

Could not change permissions of /data/disk/o1/static/custom-platform-name/sites/all to 751 (chmod to 751 failed on /data/disk/o1/static/custom-platform-name/sites/all)
Could not change permissions of /data/disk/o1/static/custom-platform-name/sites to 751 (chmod to 751 failed on /data/disk/o1/static/custom-platform-name/sites)

When I change the permissions of the above directories (sites and sites/all) to 751 the site-verify is successful with no warnings.

However when I subsequently try to migrate the same site to an updated version of the previous platform the migrate task fails with error "the provision script has no permission to write to the sites directory in the old platform" (due to 751 permission above)

When I revert the permissions of sites and sites/all directories in the old platform to 755 the migration is successful but with identical warnings as above. This time the above warnings are shown in the Migrate task.

The site verify warnings appear even when creating a new site on new platform.

Are these warnings meant to be ignored as paying heed to/correcting them results in failed site migration because provision script has no write access to sites and sites/all of old platform.


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The warning is also present in the verify task of migrated site in the new platform. Also migrate task contains the warning twice - once for old-platform/sites{/all} and once for new-platform/sites{/all}.

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Category: bug » support
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This is normal when you don't follow the how-to related to permissions:


You should make sites, sites/all and sites/all/* dirs **group writable**.

These warnings were always there, just the tasks were not marked with warning yellow icon before, which is a new feature in the Aegir 2.x

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This is a bit strange. If aegir expects the sites directory to be group writable (chmoded to 775) then why does it warn about the same. Aegir should not mark things needed for it work properly as warnings. It is a bit misleading.

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No, the problem is with custom platforms you are creating as a non-system user. You have to make them group writable, as explained in the docs, because BOA uses account/access separation (o1/o1.ftp) which is not an Aegir default.

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Category: support » bug
Status: Closed (works as designed) » Needs work

So, I was wrong, sorry.

Using group writable permissions doesn't help for sites and sites/all in custom platforms created with lshell/ftps user, because only the owner can set restrictive permissions like 751, hence the warning (this is not an error and it doesn't break anything). These warnings were always there, just invisible, because previously Aegir didn't mark any task with that yellow icon if there were any warnings in the task log, but now it does.

We should include fixing ownership and permissions also for sites and sites/all directories in custom platforms to avoid that not harmful warning.

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Title: Site verify and migrate problems » Warning: Could not change permissions of sites/all to 751
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Status: Needs work » Fixed
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This has been applied also as a hot-fix to BOA-2.0.8

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I just upgraded to install the hotfix. However I still see the warnings on running verify. In fact I just cloned a site (of course in the same platform) and all the related tasks(clone, verify and import) showed the sites and sites/all warnings. I am trying to understand what was the fix supposed to do.

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The fix works *after* the first run (from cron or manually) of the script /var/xdrago/usage.sh

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Thanks. It works after running /var/xdrago/usage.sh.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Version: » 6.x-2.0-rc8

I experience the same problem for a custom platform that is placed in the static directory (I actually imported a site).

I followed these instructions:

I use BOA 2.0.9

I also get the warnings about "sites/all to 751".

I can not locate the script in /var/xdrago/usage.sh


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IIRC, this was renamed to /var/xdrago/daily.sh.

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I will post here our canned response, for reference:

These tasks didn't fail. The warnings you see are not errors, and are safe to ignore. If you have followed our docs and you have made both the platform root directory ~/static/platform and its subdirectory ~/static/platform/sites group writable, it is OK.

These not harmful warnings were always logged in custom platforms, just unnoticed, because previously Aegir didn't mark any task with that yellow icon if there were any warnings in the task log, but now it does, as explained in this thread: http://drupal.org/node/1929372

These directories are expected to be owned by Aegir system user and not your FTP/SSH user nor restricted only for the web server user, hence the warning, but the system will fix the ownership and permissions there every morning.

We plan to undo this Aegir feature in the next BOA release, since it causes too much confusion with zero benefit.