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About Quiz

The Quiz module is a drupal contributed module (actually a set of modules) that provides framework which enables the creation of interactive tests, assessments, or quizzes for site visitors.

It allows the creation of questions of varying types matching, true/false, multichoice, short answer and long answer questions. Quiz authors can give users instant feedback if desired, and organizes the quiz responses into a ranked table that demonstrates either a pass/fail or a ranking based upon their results compared to other users.

A quiz is given as a series of questions, with only one question appearing per page. Quiz questions, scores and results are stored in the database.

Quiz is under active development and its development moves towards e-learning suits. Quiz is an official Google Summer of Code project (for second time, following SoC 2005 by webchick and sheddr. This module has turned the attention of some active users and developers towards its active development. Thanks to Google for sponsoring quiz development as a part of Google Summer of Code project 2009.


This module provides tools for

  • Online courses (Audio and Video enabled)
  • Self-learning programs
  • Training programs
  • Supplementary classroom activities
  • Survey purpose


Quiz module is trying to possess the features of typical e-learning quiz engines. It has the following set of features (as of Aug 6th)

  • Questions Import - To import questions from text files to drupal.
  • Questions Export - To export questions from drupal to files into a portable format (CSV, aiken, QTI, and other moodle based formats)
  • Results Export - To export and store the quiz results outside of drupal database in XML and CSV format.
  • Scale - a new questions Type to handle survey type of questions.
  • Admin Dashboard - To display a statistics of quiz results using goolge chart API.
  • Option to view answer out of quiz - for self evaluation purpose.
  • Item collection ( or question bank) - repository of questions which can be re-used.
  • New question types
    • Question Direction
    • True or False
    • Matching
    • Short Answers
    • Long Answers
    • Scale
  • A better admin interface
  • jQuery-based timer for timed quiz
  • Complete Views 2 Integration to create custom blocks and pages of quiz results.
  • Better Reporting
  • Questions title Auto-complete
  • Drag and Drop to order the sequence of questions
  • API to ease creation of new question type
  • Resume supported quiz
  • Userpoints module integration - marks scored in quiz can be credited to user points
  • WYSIWYG editor integration - to create questions with HTML format.

How It Works

This module has two types of functionality. The quiz.module itself provides the framework for creating quizzes, and helper modules such as multichoice.module provide various question types within a quiz. The Quiz module and at least one question-type module must be enabled in order to achieve proper functionality.

To create a quiz for your users, make a new quiz node, then make at least two question nodes. Right now, multichoice.module is the only one available, so make two multichoice questions. Once you have some questions, you can add them to any quiz node.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.