Unknown data property field_target_nodes.

I have tried for past few days and now even with latest release on Mar 28 Occurs just after your installer forces me to create an engineering group. Occurs when I install with sample content and without sample content.

When I just go to home screen it displays but ultimately get a server 500 error. There are no commons modules listed in modules list either.

I have tried this on MAMP local and on hosted server -haven't been able to get around it. Frustrating.


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble here.

What version of PHP are you running?

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This from CPanel info
Apache version 2.2.22
PHP version 5.3.16
MySQL version 5.5.28-29.1

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Another local install error with 3.1 in two different computers, package downloaded twice:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function preg_filter() in C:\Users\...\Sites\commons-7.x-3.1\profiles\commons\modules\contrib\commons_events\commons_events.module on line 477

I suppose exactly the same error. I am using Aquia Dev Desktop.

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I'm having trouble replicating this exact issue, but can you tell me your memory_limit and max_execution_time, max_input_time ??


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Where do I find that info?

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If drupal is partially working (admin pages, etc), you can go here: /admin/reports/status/php

If not, you'll either have to create a php file in the root dir to show the info ie:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and go here. If thats problematic, and you know where your php.ini file is, you can goto that file directly and do a search for the terms above.

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Hello everyone,

Same problem here.
I tried to install it twice and got exactly the same issue. I'm running on my own server and got no PHP errors in my logs.

My config:

Apache 2 with PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze15

memory_limit 396M
max_execution_time 3000
max_input_time 200

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Same here. Got exactly the same message during install (tried twice). Wanted to install Commons 7.2x with sample content.

When I now try to exectue the install.php, it tells me the following:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'Default Footer' for key 'info'

Hosted Server:

PHP Version 5.2.12-nmm4
Linux dd20120 2.6.32-45-server #104-Ubuntu SMP

Am I right that the post form Ezra (http://drupal.org/node/1955434) tackles my issue? What can i do to install Commons anyhow?

UPDATE: My webhost allows changing the PHP version to 5.3 - i will do so, as ive read in ezras post that this should cause the error.

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I already have PHP 5.3, so it's not the problem.
And I tried 4 times, each time deleting the whole db tables and all settings.php files.

When I don't get the "Unknown data property" (sometimes with "field first name" also), I get the same type of SQL integrity constraint violation.
I give up this time :-)

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my installation is fine 128/130 and when it will change to 129/130 i just get

Installing Drupal Commons
The installation has encountered an error.
Please continue to the error page

info.php show me this

PHP Version 5.3.23
max_execution_time 50
max_input_time 60 60
memory_limit 80M

i have tryd to drop the database remove everything on the server but still do the same
is there any way to get around this problem?
im an shared host (one.com)

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I have got the same error Fatal error: Call to undefined function preg_filter() in ...commons-7.x-3.2\profiles\commons\modules\contrib\commons_events\commons_events.module on line 477.
I tried commons-7.x-3.1 and commons-7.x-3.2 whith the same result with no Aquia Dev componenents.

The installation ended with the following message
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'Default Footer' for key 2

My configuration :
Version de Apache: 2.2.6
Version de PHP: 5.2.5 *** is it a too old version ? ***
Version de MySQL: 5.0.45

Is there an issue ?

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I've the same problem this morning, i've resolved the prob.

Go to PhpMyAdmin, type this SQL command :

SELECT name,status FROM system WHERE type='module';

Seek the module "Commons_events", edit it, and disable it (write a "0"),

Clear the cache in your back office,
& well done.

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need more information to clarify steps regarding the original error. But I want to clarify this is what this ticket is:

1) Memory limit is set to at least 128m
2) Max Execution time is set to at least 120 seconds
3) You're installing from a fully new database, making sure all tables are removed
4) You have php 5.3

* If you are missing memory or max_execution_time, please visit #1971090: Clearly identifying memory and execution time limits during install for more information
* You cannot re-run install.php once it errors out. Make sure the database is empty before re-installing
* If you are on php5.2, this issue has been corrected in the commons-7.x-3.x-dev nightly.

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I solved it by installing Commons in another directory (non multisite installation) and it worked... So it seems to be related to multisite instals.

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@Antoine_k, what type of multisite setup are you using? I move the Commons themes and libraries to sites/all directory, and I move the Commons modules to sites/all/modules/commons. They should really move the commons modules to its own directory like other distributions are doing.

Solving this problem that I was having before maybe something else to try that might help some of you? MySQL: "Warning: MySQL server has gone away"

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I was installing Commons in of /sites/commons.mydomain.com beside my /sites/www.mydomain.com like I used o do for my other installs.
But apparently, Commons 3 has a problem with this :-)
So I moved my Commons installation into another directory and used my main .htaccess to redirect my commons addresses (commons.mydomain.com) to the right directory, and it solved my problem. Even if now have to update my sites separately, it's safer like that.

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Version: 7.x-3.1 » 7.x-3.2

I have the same problem with my fresh 3.2 commons install.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function preg_filter() in /chroot/home/.../profiles/commons/modules/contrib/temp/commons_events/commons_events.module on line 477

My setup:
- PHP Version 5.2.17 (cant update to 5.3 at this time)
- I replaced the commons_events module with the commons-7.x-3.x-dev nightly (referenced by ezra-g in other topic)
- It is a single site setup with a new database.
- memory_limit is 128M

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (duplicate)

I believe this is a duplicate of #1955434: Commons Events date handling requires PHP 5.3+, which is fixed.

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Another followup to this.

This error can also be thrown if you have duplicate modules in sites/*/modules directory that also exist in the profiles/commons/modules/* directory.

Make sure you don't have any duplicates if you are getting this error, in addition to checking php version and memory errors.