I created custom ds layout in my theme by ds-build command of drush with --css option. And changed full mode layout of page to created layout.

When view a page, custom layout's css doesn't load. Even i cleared cache and disbled, css had not beed loaded.
How to do i load css file by ds? (For now, i hardcoded in theme info file. but this is temporary solution..)


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cd to the folder of your theme, create folder like ds-layout cd in to


drush ds-build "Test layout" --regions="Top, L, R, L1, M1, R1, L2, M2, R2, L3, R3, Ft, Sbar-right" --css

ore same as you like

all perfect work

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As long as 'css' is set to true it should work fine. One caveat might be that the css file must be the machine name of the layout. So if your layout is 'my-layout', the css file is 'my_layout.css'.