The current length of "phone" field in "location_phone" contrib is 31.
Why is 31 only?
What if I need fill 2 or 3 phone numbers for one location?
I suggest to extend the length of this field to 255 symbols.


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Can You use field for multiple phones for that?

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sure, it's a good suggestion...
i've removed all the fields like "phone", "fax", "email", etc
because using of "location" bundle field is more useful for me
it's a really good solution to collect and store not address only but other data related to geo location.

i.e. on my website I have content type "Event" which describes events like conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. Location field is going very well with event content type, because it consist of all data what I need. Also I can add GMap showing what is very good for me too.
Also, one event can be held in many places... And I can add multiple locations for my event.
In fact, the Location field and field API functionality are fully covered my biz logic needs...

But, generally, one geo location can have 2 or 3 phones/faxes and may be more.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

so, feel free to post patch here

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Just a thought, why don't you create more phone fields within location field instead of storing them within a single field?
One way you can easily do this is to create duplicate of phone module with a different name, etc...