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thanks for the great plugin. It is really nice to use. There is just one problem, we encountered: our moderators can not see the upload tap in the "image properties".
Moderators and administrators can visit DOMAIN/imce as well as DOMAIN/USER/imce. But when using the CKEditor to upload files, only administrators can see the full range of taps.
Moderators can only see "picture info", "link", "extended"/"advanced" (unclear translation since we use a German drupal). Since moderators and admins both use the same IMCE profile as user-1 there should be no discrepancy between these tabs, shouldn' t there?
If it is not an IMCE issue could it be a CKEditor issue?

Many thanks for your answer


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Those tabs are not part of IMCE. IMCE interface is the one that opens in a new window when Browse server button is clicked.