I'm trying to use both Modal Forms and OpenID Selector — they both work, except the login modal form doesn't load (The loading icon just spins).

I'm guessing CTools' weird JavaScript handling is mucking up some stuff. This means this issue might also affect other modules that add JavaScript to the login form.

Any help? Apologies if this issue should instead be in OpenID Selector's queue.


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Title: Can it work with OpenID Selector? » OpenID Selector causes the login form to hang

Updating issue title.

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Same problem here

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Category: feature » bug

I'm thinking this is more of a bug than anything — disabling either OpenID Selector or Modal Forms fixes the issue.

devs — it's been over a month and the issue's been confirmed. Please, at least confirm whether this is an issue with Modal Forms or OpenID Selector so I can move this issue to the latter's queue if it is indeed a problem with that.

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updated -- it's different than I thought