Following up on #1943630: Join forces with the sliderfield module
I just found this module after i finished :(
And then it was too late. I don't like duplicate modules personally , not only it's not Drupal way :) but also is waste of valuable time!
So i read sliderfield code to see how much different our two modules are.

Sliderfield :
- Simple field Widgets that adds slider to numeric fields
- Adjustable slider widget that allows changing slider range dynamically

- Simple field Widgets that adds slider to integer fields
- Transfer slider widget from jslider_form_api
- Group sliding that allows linking sliders to each other in various ways
- Form API element for using slider in custom forms
- Slider color sets
- Ajax support
- Supports most of jquery slider parameters like orientation, disable/enable , animation , step, etc for both UI and Form Element
- Setting default length for slider
- the feature list is a bit long actually

So jslider_field misses one feature from Sliderfield which is "Adjustable slider widget"

SliderField has more users and is older so it makes more sense merging into it

I'm proposing a new branch for version 2
Let me know what you think


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Title: Joining Forces » Offering to maintain sliderfield
Category: task » support

Due to lack of response and any other activities on this module from the maintainer i change the issue title
I'm would like to become the maintainer of this module
I'll keep 1.0 branch as it's and release a new major version. If all works well providing an upgrade path for previous version shouldn't be difficult so all users can upgrade to the latest version.

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You've got my vote.

It would be great to have a single module providing this feature.

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Agreed. I made you a committer so you can go ahead and make the 2.0 branch.