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RSVP lets users invite people to attend an event. Users create an 'RSVP' from an event, send an invitation email to a list of people and then track who has looked at the invitation and their responses. Invitees can view and reply without having user accounts.

RSVP creators can be setup the RSVP to hide other attendees, allow attendees to send email messages to the group, or invite more attendees.

Drupal 6.x:

Ported by Ulf Schenk. I can be contacted for paid customizations or enhancements. If you like to support my work on RSVP for Drupal 6, please consider donating to my PayPal account.

RSVP 2 comes with many exciting new features:

  • Extensible invitation themes, stylesheets icon sets, images and backgrounds.
  • Template based emails (configurable)
  • Block support (guest toolbox, organizer toolbox, guest list)
  • Creating invitations now supports expert and basic mode
  • Guests can store their real name in the system for future invitations
  • Actions
  • Open invitations
  • Maximum guest limitation
  • Start-reply and end-reply date
  • Notifications for guests and moderators
  • Co-owner support
  • Plaxo address book support


Event or Date module.

Optional modules:

Drupal 5.x:

Ported by Omar Abdel-Wahab.
Required modules:

Suggested modules:

Drupal 4.7.x:

Ported by Aaron Welch.
No longer supported.

Help and support:

The most updated documentation can be found in the handbook under Drupal 6 Integration. Help improve RSVP by suggesting a feature in the RSVP 2.0 roadmap. Maintainer can be contacted for paid customizations.

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