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MD5: 6bdb36c3f721b1ba78df14775e46ff14
SHA-1: c03065d10b53380ff70459607af7242edf401d4e
SHA-256: 7b4c34e37cc8b62e2894784293a8057370f1038be2340950839cd16d77581698
Download gmap-7.x-2.5-alpha4.zipzip 252.05 KB
MD5: 39224da887b28af950437631b4466053
SHA-1: 6a85be72a352f1953f0022d789a4c0b4fe827ac8
SHA-256: 294a8c6231c81adf2c0331c878bbfe76b4617a8cbd729fe91f0ae5ef5c5038e5

Release info

Created by: podarok
Created on: 13 Mar 2013 at 13:31 UTC
Last updated: 20 Nov 2013 at 10:27 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes


#1887506: Shapes not working 7.x-2.x?
#1153032: Markers doesn't work in a view with the configuration: choose latitude and longitude fields

Known issues, Needs help

#1937844: Map doesn't zoom to popup bubble on load when autoclick on node argument checked
#1926338: "Warning: you have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors."
#1899086: references to "keys_api" module?
#1874340: Several Errors upon installation
#1890960: Trailing whitespaces and blank lines at EOF
#1851028: Pan/zoom controls disappeared
#1629910: GMap_location block does not update when a cck location field is deleted
#1600562: Map disappears if View is modified
#1549708: Autozoom with filters only
#1157960: Unknown column 'users_roles.rid' in 'field list' query

Needs help with easy fixes

#1928812: Notice: Undefined index: node in gmap_taxonomy_get_instances() (line 269 gmap_taxonomy.module
#1255514: GMap extended views style: Notice: Undefined index: in template_preprocess_gmap_views_view_gmapextended
#1938642: implode(): Invalid arguments passed
#1938640: Undefined index: highlight_nodearg_color
#1938634: Undefined index: iwq
#1938492: Undefined index: geofield
#1218870: Marker managers give wrong path to marker icon when Drupal is not installed at root
#1890460: Undefined index: style_plugin in gmap_views_ajax_data_alter() of gmap.module
#1924924: Javascript files needed for a GMap are being added twice
#1886892: Notice: Undefined index: value in gmap_plugin_style_gmap->render() (line 209
#1890960: Trailing whitespaces and blank lines at EOF

Needs help with documentation

#764200: Adding new custom markers should clear necessary caches instead of requiring "Clear all caches" button click


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