mentions a version 7.x-3.2, which doesn't seem to be here. Is that in anticipation of a forthcoming release, or a typo? Is the -dev version close to a 3.2 release?



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Correct, the DEV version is close to release, it has the Mobile Menu Toggle extension and support for Mobile Detect, that docs page was published a little hastily, my bad. I had to delay the release due to extra work for Drupal Commons and a few features and fixes I wanted to get in, and I wanted to wait until dev was very stable and well tested.

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This got delayed due to me having to travel overseas for an extended period and a few other issues that have cropped up - mainly a feature to rewrite aggregated styles in AT when the CSS cache is on, and some bug fixes that need to be applied. I was away for nearly 5 months with very limited internet access.

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@Jeff - any update on a formal 3.2 release?

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I've been doing a lot of work just recently (past few weeks) to clean up outstanding issues, I have a couple more commits and then its ready to go, my target is end of February.

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:) Thank you Jeff.

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Thanks for releasing 7.x-3.2!

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