In #1515312: Add snapshots of last loaded config for tracking whether config has changed we added the config snapshots, which make a copy of configuration at the time of an import. This allows us to determine whether or not local configuration has changed since the last import, opening the possibility that those changes would be overwritten on the next import. However we do not expose this to users of the system yet. We need to add this to the config UI. What I envision is something very simple, like coloring rows that have been changed red with a warning of some sort, potentially linking to a handbook node for more detailed information on how to investigate and resolve the conflict.

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Attached is a mockup and patch, although note that the patch is not for review but more as a proof of concept, the new drop button doesn't actually do anything, its just a mockup. It includes a slightly modified version of #1821548: Add a "diff" of some kind to the CMI UI which I think will need to go in first. I also just noticed that the text in the warning doesn't match the text in the dropbutton.

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Lol, why doesn't this just say "Local changes may be overwritten" and link to a handobok page? That operation looks horrible :x. Why isnt that a view option on the actual diff, instead of a different operation?

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I wanted to have more detail in the warning in case user's couldn't get to a handbook page. Given the seriousness of the situation I felt like being very explicit was warranted.

The wording on the operation can be improved, but I think the separate operation itself is a better option because it means that we can explain where to go with one click instead of two, and the instructions won't get covered up before you're done doing what you need to. Then again, webchick brought up the same option you did so I might just be out of my mind.

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I don't really think we need to aim for "in case they can't reach documentation" - that's not practice we really employ elsewhere in help text, the detail however distracts from the message - if I read it correctly it basically comes down "Things changed. Local changes might be overwritten. See "View differences since last sync". I feel by leaving out the details, you get the point across - now people are faced with a blob of yellow text, something they will quickly ignore because you cant scan it easily.

It is common to think in the usability concept of a click fewer, however its common if you have two views of the same data to display that on one page/modal and allow switching in between. This because switching between two data views on the page, is a more convenient interaction that having to think about which one you will need. It also scales much better in case we get more different views.

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Marking as fixed, because, as best as I can tell, all the substance of this issue is currently already in the code base. Good job, everyone. :P

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.