In the module list I scrolled to CAPTCHA and hit configure - it should go to admin/config/people/captcha I know because I've installed this on a different site before. Instead on this new site it wants to send me to admin/config/people and there is no CAPTCHA section under admin/config/people to go to. I have the permissions set right - please advise. I've un-installed it and re-installed it several times, cleared caches and still I cannot configure CAPTCHA on this new site.


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Any ideas anyone?

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I installed Captcha some minutes ago, and I have the same problem:

no captcha section under admin/config/people

any idea?

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from the reporting page, I did a database update

now the captcha settings option is available !

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Database updates are Up to date - I still cannot get captcha to work correctly |: \

I have no idea what's wrong. I'll re-post if I find out why.

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Exact same problem. Did you ever have any luck?

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I had to look back in my emails to see what site I was working on because I work on so many Drupal sites. This was never resolved and I never got it fixed. I simply shut down the option for non admins to create accounts. A quick fix for the time being but definitely not the solution. I'm probably going to have to do a fresh install of everything!

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