In preparation for #1540948: Catch up with the Panels Everywhere integration, it would be very nice to have some leaner panels templates in Zen. The ones in the panels modules follow D7's model, and, thus, have too many wrappers.

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I've commited this:

Please re-open if you'd like to tweak these templates or think I did something wrong.

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hmmm... now Where to target my padding? ;)

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no, really this is fine, john

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If anything, maybe an .inner div? Patch also includes comments cleanup -- I know these came straight from Panels, but ...whatever. :)

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Over at #1540948: Catch up with the Panels Everywhere integration I'll be posting a patch very shortly with full Panels and Panelizer integration.

I saw that you just committed this, and over at that other issue I've made some slight changes to the classes of a pane to look more like blocks. I think that makes total sense, since we then can take advantage of Zen's default responsiveness.

I though I'd just cross post here, since I'd like to see the class names on panes change.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.