This is pretty much a straight port of the same functionality from the numeric contextual filter handler. In my tests it worked fine both for single values, and when "Allow multiple values" was enabled - passing in multiple ORed values resulted in a NOT IN query.

exclude-string.patch1.98 KBOwen Barton
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exclude-string.patch queued for re-testing.

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exclude-string.patch queued for re-testing.

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This looks good to me and works as expected. Marking as reviewed & tested.

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We've recently switched our testing from the old to DrupalCI. Because of a bug in the new system, #2623840: Views (D7) patches not being tested, older patches must be re-uploaded. On re-uploading the patch, please set the status to "Needs Review" so that the test bot will add it to its queue.

If all tests pass, change the Status back to "Reviewed & tested by the community". We'll most likely commit the patch immediately without having to go through another round of peer review.

We apologize for the trouble, and appreciate your patience.