After Drupal 7.20 all the paths to images should contain security token parameters.
It is now impossible with BUEditor (and Markdown), since IMCE returns image URL-s without tokens.

Where should it be fixed? In BUEditor, in Markdown filter or in IMCE?


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Priority: Major » Normal

Tokens are required for non-existing image derivatives, not for existing images.
There is no issue on IMCE or BUEditor side.

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@ufku: After reading some additional comments by siefca that led me here, I see that he's well aware that the token is used for image derivatives. The question was just poorly stated. One possible rewording would be "Should BUEditor, IMCE, or Markdown editor for BUEditor be responsible for appending the security token?"

@siefca: My opinion is that it's up to the module that's providing the image style picker. But I'm boggled: where are you seeing the image style picker? IMCE adds a Browse button to both BUEditor's and Markdown editor for BUEditor's standard image dialogs, but there's no image style picker there. Your comments here indicate this is a local change you've made -- in that case, it's up to you to add the security token.