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Attached is a patch that implements this.

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Fixed ordering of terms, parents should be stored first so autopath can generate a proper URL.

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Now a patch that actually applies...

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This patch is nice but the code will fail if you have hierarchic vocabulary like this one
that lists Motor Bike,Model and Manufacturing. Year
750 Deluxe,
1000 Low Rider,
When feeds is offered a Yamaha 1000 Low Rider built in 2004, your code will find this term path: Honda, 750 Deluxe, 2004 because it looks from the child up and finds the 2004 term under Honda first. (I have some data that proves the failure). However you should look from the parent down.
Would you be able to write a patch that does this? I am more of a site builder than a developer.

The code would need a comma delimited string as input to do its magic such as: "Yamaha,1000 Low Rider,2004".

Taxonomy already has a function for it, which is explained here!modules!taxonomy!taxonomy.mod...

However I lack the experience to pull this off in Drupal. I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks for your time,

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Oh, the indentation was stripped from my previous post (#4). So Make is on the 1st level, Model is on the 2nd level and, Year is on the 3rd. You 'll get it...

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Hi setting back to needs work based on #4. Greetings, Martijn