On my Available Updates page it lists Recruiter 7.x-1.0 as a theme update (says Recruiter (Theme) not Core) to allow the cloudy theme to work with the distribution (per distribution notes). When I use the Available Updates - Update page to perform the update, everything looks like it is ok, except it halts right after the download and the error message in the title is what I get. All of the other updates for the distribution itself went through with no issues except this one.

Could it be because this is showing as an update for the theme and not the distribution itself? I just got this installed a few days ago and am still setting it up in between client calls, so I would hate to loose what I have set up already with a new core install. I would like to try out the Cloudy theme but was having issues with it, so I removed it. Any suggestions?


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Before a lot ot test I brake my installation that is wirking good, in order to update to new recruiter release. I coudn´t come back the installation before I inetalled all favor or recruiter with or whitout core drupal with the recruiter new release.

Then, I think to make a clean instalation, but I continue receiving the error messages like: recruiter-7.x-1.0-core.tar.gz does not contain any .info files. The question is, why by a simple issue had to late too much time to solve the proble.? Sorry but today I am angry with my installations. I am tired.

My instalation incluided the core, I don´t know way I am receiving this error, and this anothers:
Recruiter (Theme) 7.x-1.0-rc3+43-dev 7.x-1.0 (Release notes)

I suppose i was installing the 7.x1.0 but the system tell me that i have Recruirter 7.x.1.0-rc3+43-dev

somebody coud help me please. I am tired, and i am a lot of time with this

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Just tried to uninstall/reinstall as a core, it appears as though the tarball is doubled and isn't opening correctly. When I opened the file it opened as another distribution tarball that couldn't be uncompressed. I tried to use a zip file version on my local computer to see if it would open and it does the same thing, it opens, but opens as another zip file that has to be unzipped twice to get to the files.

I think this file needs to be repackaged, it is failing to open correctly which is why it is showing as not having .info files.

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i have just downloaded http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/recruiter-7.x-1.0-core.tar.gz and checked the tarball. it opens correctly and contains a complete recruiter distribution

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Quite old issue... Please reopen it if the problem still exists