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SHA-1: a4aba7520254b83d3b8462dafc4dee007f10add7
SHA-256: 25528302648d78daad30860ed8c538cecf49a2ff36278b1fe45c8520f462a2fe
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MD5: 6e5a1e75dd231e1577ad1fd31a32adea
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SHA-256: 1dd9819ca7821f33861184c128b3c4d4ba16e490bdc757e8429de91ab6d2cc9d
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MD5: b2793aca9391db7e5375272687b2274c
SHA-1: 270a613f1d389793a1c0e79451074424ed4cd4b5
SHA-256: 5065997db3ece4952d195f102b7a228c753bb239efedf434789bf4056e41abe4

Release info

Created by: jsacksick
Created on: 14 Feb 2013 at 19:11 UTC
Last updated: 14 Feb 2013 at 19:18 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.2:

Modules updates :
- Drupal Commerce 1.5 (And remove a patch)
- Omega Kickstart 3.1 (Improve the RTL support, theme the new homepage slideshow).
- Shiny 1.0 (Various bugfixes ...).
- Commerce add to cart confirmation 1.0-rc2 (Fix continue shopping link on mobile devices).
- Commerce backoffice 1.1 (Bugfixes, implements hook_admin_paths to avoid loading the front theme on the backend).
- Field Extractor 1.3 (Hide disabled products variations).
- Variable 2.2
- Oauth 3.1
- Link 1.1
- Yottaa 1.1
- Crumbs 1.9

New modules included in this release:
- Commerce Paypal 2.0-beta1
- Commerce Kiala 1.0-beta1

Various fixes:

  • #1905368 by SeroSero, jsacksick: add mandatory render element in commerce_kickstart_product_ui_theme().
  • #1891294 by s1l, NancyDru, jsacksick: Use the submitted variable instead of computing a custom value.
  • Update library slideshow.
  • #1901558 by kevin.klika, jsacksick: Cleanup the checkout redirect feature implementation.
  • Enable commerce_kiala for SP, FR and BENELUX.
  • #1720576 by daffie: Fix token notices on locked fields.
  • #1873206 by tgeller, dudenhofer, jsacksick: Change CG ad s from hard-coded to blocks.
  • #1911600 by aleix, jsacksick: Add theme hook suggestions to commerce_kickstart_product_ui.
  • #1911776 by brunogoossens: Fix undefined inded #action in commerce_kickstart_checkout_redirect_form_alter.
  • #1910208 by 7wonders: Add commerce_shipping dependency to commerce_kickstart_user.


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