I'm using Gallery Folio theme with huge galleries (hundreds of photos). So Folio fluid table becomes very slow, especially on mobile devices. It will be very helpful to have some kind of pager support. Is it possible? Or maybe you can give me some tips how to do this?
Thanks in advance!


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I've engaged CCK Pager module. It works just fine in all cases except Galleria.
Galleria shows all items on first page and none on others, thus it doesn't understand pager:(
P.S. Developer's comment on my question :

option thumbnails:'lazy' needs to be used with loading API (second link in first post), but sadly it doesn't work with folio, as I tested (folio waits until all thumbnails are loaded before showing them).
But you can split your gallery into few data sets and you can use push API to load them one by one. You need to use JSON for that.