This could very well be PEBKAC.

The module was installed, plupload installed, a new gallery created, a few photos batch uploaded, however we can not see any images, only links to the files. Did I miss a setting to render them as images and not links to files?

Here is what we see:

Rendered View

The way Views is configured:

Views Settings

FYI- We are using Storage API and hosting the images on S3- They all download fine, just no thumbs.

Any ideas?


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Check the settings for the Image file type under Structure, File Types. That's where it should be set to display as an image, in a given image style.

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smae error here!! only filesa re shown no images!

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My guess is that File Entity is not configured properly for your setup. Node Gallery delegates all the rendering of images to File Entity module.

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@zengenuity , you are correct. Like the previous commentes suggested, I installed node_gallery and node_gallery_api and was able to create node galleries using the content types and entity relations that were provided. However until I installed the media module, my images weren't displaying, just the titles of the gallery items.

I guess that the media module isn't a hard dependency, but I sure didn't get the results I was expecting until I installed it.


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