I have 3 mailing lists. 1 is required (for all roles except guest and authenticated user). 2 are optional (for the same role setting).

Problem 1)
if I change the e-mail address of a user in drupal it is not synching with mailchimp:
-> the old address stays subscribed in mailchimp
-> when I go to the user / edit / newsletter subscription tab in drupal the newslist boxes are all unchecked. if I check them again I get a duplicated subscriber entry in mailchimp with the new address.

Problem 2)
if I change the name of a user in drupal it is just getting updated in mailchimp on the required list (after I run cron), but not on the 2 optional ones.

I already tried different ways of editing (name and e-mail address together or seperated. Nothing worked.

Please help!