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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

DevOps for Drupal, and Behavior Driven Design.

We make web sites that make your business or organization run better! Not only that, we specialize in helping clients with existing websites keep them current, secure, performant, and growing to meet current business challenges.

Founded in 2002 by John Locke, Freelock, LLC is a web development company specializing in sites and applications based upon the Drupal open source content management system. With clients ranging from small start-up businesses to established governmental and educational institutions, we have the experience to handle any development challenge for organizations in any stage of growth.

We are a highly technical shop -- no challenge is too tough for us to get a working solution, as long as there is sufficient budget. Most of our clients bring their own graphic design and SEO, while we provide the guts, the engine that makes not only your site run, but your business, too.

How? By taking a step back and looking at the goals for your business and the project. We work from a budget-based approach, and with your goals in mind, we determine how we can deliver the most business value from your budget as possible.

We're an opinionated web shop. If we think you're wasting money on a small feature that would be better spent elsewhere, we'll say so. Our current interests are baking CRM into your web site, data visualization, e-commerce, and being a strategic partner with our clients.

Drupal contributions

Our strongest contributions to the Drupal community are probably our blog posts that regularly dispell myths about Drupal, providing a straight scoop on its strengths and weaknesses compared to other platforms. As a Drupal rescue shop, we regularly inherit sites that were done very badly, bring them back to life, and make the customer happy with Drupal again instead of defecting to another platform.

We regularly provide patches to core and contributed modules, and how-to documentation that gets a lot of links from the issue queues. We maintain half a dozen modules currently, and actively work with SAAS providers to fund the development of more integration modules to broaden the base of what Drupal users can do "out of the box."

Projects supported

Commerce Tax -- Washington State, Commerce EPN Payment Gateway, Group Purl, Membership Entity Commerce Prorate, Scheduled Message Module

Credited on 4 issues fixed in the past 3 months