As of beta13, Feeds appears to only support one destination content type on node creation. In our case, we are creating a consolidated list of feeds from twitter and facebook, but we want each source to create different node types.

1. Created a feed importer FROM twitter TO Content type "Twitter Repost".
2. Created a feed importer FROM facebook TO Content type "Facebook Repost".
3. Ran "Import" on the facebook feed. Feeds generated several Facebook Repost nodes.

4. Ran "Import" on the twitter feed. Feeds then generated more Facebook Repost nodes.

At #4, expected that Feeds on the Twitter feed processor would have created Twitter Repost nodes, not Facebook Repost nodes.

Another expression of the bug--
If I delete all the Facebook Repost and Twitter Repost nodes and start with the Twitter Feed first, then after that, all the feed nodes that get created are Twitter Reposts, irrespective of the settings on the Feed Importers page.

So far, I've been able to trace that facebook_repost is in the config settings for the FeedsNodeProcessor, but I don't know how that got set.


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