We have created our corporate website by using this great theme. Thanks for everyone's hard work.

Right now an issue was raised. Once we created any basic page such as "About us" or "Products", there is always a "Home" grey bar across the entire width on top of the titles and text body. Wonder if we can remove this grey bar.

Also, can we add a banner image between the drop down menu and the page title "About us"?

Thanks in advance.


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At this place the breadcrumb or breadcrumb trail shall be displayed (Home page > Section page > Subsection page). Home is displayed because the mentioned sites are below "Home" in the menu.

You can remove the display of the breadcrumb by deleting or deactivating the following line in page.tpl.php (sites/all/themes/danland/):

<?php if (!$is_front) print $breadcrumb; ?>

But this means, that the breadcrumb is completely removed, i.e. isn't showing on any page. A maybe better alternative is to operate on CSS level. Thus you can disable the breadcrumb with the following code:

.breadcrumb {display: none;}

This gives you now the possibility to disable it for certain elements or pages. To do this you will need to use a page indicator in your CSS. For example, for your blog page this is ".page-blog" you can also use the node numbers for each page in the form ".page-node-62"

For the pages you don't want the breadcrumb to appear on your CSS will look like:

.page-node-62 .breadcrumb {display:none;}

I hope this helps :-)

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And yes, you can add a banner image between the drop down menu and the page title "About us".

To do so you can use the block "Content top" which displays between the menu and the content.

For example by creating a new block under "Structure - Blocks - Add Block", by adding the banner image to the block and by moving the new block in the region "Content top".

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Possibility of adding banner image above page title

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Title: Home Title Bar Removal » How to remove the breadcrumb trail line
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This is about the so-called breadcrumb trail function, built-in in Drupal, not related to Danland.

There are several modules are specifically made to manage the display of the breadcrumbs, including hiding that line if there is only the "home" link on display, and showing it whenever there are two or more elements in that path. Use one of those to achieve the desired effect.


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