If I understand correctly the only way to see changes when in production mode is to save the settings form,
as documented in http://adaptivethemes.com/documentation/mobile-first-design-with-adaptiv..., for example:

If you later change any styles in the responsive stylesheets you will need re-save the theme settings to re-write the aggregated CSS file.

I would like to automate this step but have not found anything yet.
My use case is deployment of core, modules, CSS and template changes to production.
We already clear caches and run DB updates automatically but
CSS changes still require the admin to log in and save settings for any adaptive theme.

A drush command that does this would be nice, for example.

Or is there already a way to do this in version 3.1?


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It would be possible I believe using Drush, however I don't really have the time right now to write the code. I'll leave this open as its a good idea and someone might have already done it.

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